When iPhone’s Siri Attacks Back: [Video]

(Image created by screenshot by Kevin Phillips)

After hearing about the iPhone 4S and the new Siri application, I had to run out and buy the new phone! Sadly, I’m cheap and don’t want to fork out the $700 to buy a new phone because my contract doesn’t expire until October of 2012 – I can wait.

It seems Siri parodies are becoming a popular trend. One parody that really caught my eye was “Psycho Siri,” made by AndrewMFilms. This short 4-minute video has had more than 900,000 views to this date.

The film starts out with a guy talking to the iPhone he found, but he decides he wants to sell the phone. Siri is not happy with this decision and wants to take him out. She delivers some good one liners:

“Now that we are alone.”

“I overheard you saying something about selling me?”

“I’m afraid I cannot let that happen.”

“Do you really think you can outsmart me?

This artificial intelligence reminds me of the possibilities of Skynet…

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2 thoughts on “When iPhone’s Siri Attacks Back: [Video]

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