Total Recall Full Trailer Finally Revealed! [Trailer]

After’s announcement in 2009 of Total Recall becoming a remake, it is finally here and arriving in theaters on August 3rd. For now, you can check out the full trailer released by Apple Trailers. For the 2012 release of Total Recall, the cast consists of Colin Farrell (Douglas Quaid), Jessica Beil (Melina), Kate Beckinsale (Lori, Quiad’s wife), Bill Nighy (Kuato), and John Cho (McClane).

Like the first movie from 1990, Total Recall is an action thriller about a construction worker (Farrell) who doesn’t know which side he is on because of the service he purchased through Rekal (a company that implants a false memory so you can live your fantasy, which ever it is). He later finds out he is a spy who had his memory erased with an alternate memory. Throughout the movie he is fighting for his life from those trying to shut him down. In addition, he realizes he needs to team up with a freedom fighter (Beil) to change the political system of their country.

If this version of Total Recall is anything like the original, it will be jam-packed full of action and suspense – wonder if the woman in the bar scene will be included in this remake. With today’s technology, this version might be worth seeing. Just by viewing the trailer you can tell it might be more appealing than looking at cheap makeup on faces and a mechanical arm with long fingers like a bizarre alien.

View the trailer below!

What do you hope to see in the remake of Total Recall? Leave your responses in the comment section below!

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