Apple’s iPhone Siri Can’t Help the Scottish [Video]

There are plenty of Siri parodies going around, but this Scottish iPhone Siri video definitively puts the others to shame. After observing Siri on the iPhone, I began to wonder how the programmers could work with an accents using the English language. After watching this “commercial,” you will have your question answered. However, I am not sure if the programmers actually were able to implement the accents, maybe I should contact Gavin McInnes and ask him to use Siri for me to test my question.

Like any traditional Apple commercial, it starts out with the familiar cheery Apple music while showing a typical guy holding an iPhone and allowing a glance at the beautiful interface of the iPhone 4S. In the beginning, you tend to believe the video is just another Siri commercial because of the familiar chime and him asking a basic question (in his own Scottish slang and accent), but seconds later you discover this is not your normal Apple commercial. After a couple failed attempts, his face turns another shade of red and his temper clearly rises after every negative response from Siri.

Watch this video with either the doors closed, out of earshot of your boss, or away from younger children – he drops some F-bombs.

iPhone Siri Picture:

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2 thoughts on “Apple’s iPhone Siri Can’t Help the Scottish [Video]

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