Basic Tips Using Facebook: How to Tag and Share

We at iBRAGGING recently launched a promotion celebration for our big move to our new website on April 5, 2012, but right after we launched the promotion we were asked, “I don’t understand. How do I share the post and tag people on Facebook?” We hung our heads in shame. This could be a common question. Is it not? Well, we are going to drill out this so-called sharing and tagging  for your posts on Facebook and help you with your experience of making Facebook more engaging and enjoyable.

Sharing on Facebook

I have seen some horrendous shares on some posts where the URL is still showing and the caption and picture is below. When you enter in a URL from a website, Facebook automatically generates a photo from the website and the heading from the article. Here is how to properly “share” and remove the URL from showing.

Sharing From a Website

Unfortunately, the “share” button is being phased out by Facebook and will be replaced with only the “like” button, but some websites still have the button available. Sharing from a website is very simple. Instead of copy a URL and slapping it on your status update, I’ll show you how to properly copy and paste the URL to your status update and make it look goood!

  1. You have two options of copying a URL from a website. Double click the URL in the browser (this highlights the URL),  then right-click and copy. This second option I find easier because you are not fiddle farting around with the mouse. Highlight the URL and press CTRL + C on your keyboard to copy the URL.
  2. Next, head  back to Facebook and enter your status update, right-click inside the status update box and paste (use CTRL + V on your keyboard for the second option).
  3. Now, Facebook will generate a picture of the URL and a link to the heading from the source the URL is coming from –  delete the existing text from the URL and the picture and the link to the article will stay on the post. When you remove the URL it makes your post look cleaner – maybe it is me, but I like clean posts. Hit post and your done!

Sharing a Post

Every have one of those status updates from a friend and you say, “ZOMG! I have to share that!” Instead of rushing to hit the “like” button, look two links over to the “share” button. This button is by far, in my opinion, one of Facebook’s best options because it allows you to tag people who you want to include in the share.

  1. First, click the “share” button at the bottom of the post. Doing this will bring up a window telling you this will be posted to your Timeline.
  2. After the window is up, type in your status update.
  3. If you choose, you can tag whomever you choose and they will be notified of the post. In addition, when you tag someone the post will appear on their Timeline.


Properly Tagging People and Pages

Tagging works like sharing. When you tag someone or a page, the message will appear on the person’s Timeline or on the Page you are tagging – the method to tag works the same for a person or a page.

  1. In the status update box, when you want to tag a person or a page, use the “@” symbol before the name or page. For example, “I had the  best time today with @Amanda.”
  2. When you use the “@” symbol before the name or page, Facebook will generate names and photos of what they suggest you tag.
  3. You can finish typing the name of the tag or you can click on the suggested tag yourself.
  4. After completing your writing, hit post and your done!

Is there more you would like to know about Facebook’s functions? Let us know in the comments.


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