Facebook Timeline: 5 Quick Starter Tips

In the past, when Facebook introduced something new they would be implementing, they did it immediately. Not now! Being the professional Facebook guru that you are, Facebook has given you time to customize and edit your timeline before it completely goes live.  How nice of them right? I know, they are thoughtful. During this time, you can edit all the embarrassing content that might show up because of Facebook’s clever algorithms that will magically place your history content in its designated place. To help you on your journey into Facebook’s timeline, I put together five quick starter tips that will help you discover the layout of the timeline, resulting in you flexing your Facebook Timeline muscles to those who have not edited their timeline!

1. Changing Cover Photo

Facebook Timeline features a “cover” for your profile page that can be changed at any time. I personally like this idea because it feels like my own personal website with a header! Having the option to customize what your cover photo is going to be, gives you the freedom of how you want your profile to “feel”. To change the cover photo, hover your mouse over the area for your cover photo and click drop down menu for  “change cover”. You can either choose from an existing photo or upload a new photo. Unfortunately, by default, your cover photo is set to a public setting.

2. Editing Your Timeline

Since there is limited time until Facebook Timeline goes completely live, you probably have your work cut out for you. So lets get crackin’ and edit our timeline before anyone sees our embarrassing posts and photos! First thing you will want to do is go through your whole timeline and make sure nothing embarrassing or private is shown in public view; by default after activating your timeline, all your settings for posts and pictures change to public.

In order to change the viewing of your post, hover your mouse over the post and click the “pen symbol”. From here, you can either change the date, add a location, hide from the timeline, or delete the post completely. If you wish to “feature” the post, click the “star” symbol and it will expand the post across the width of the timeline.

3. Create or Edit Life Events

Facebook really nailed it with being able to edit or create life events on your timeline. In my opinion, this feature allows you to be able to customize your visible biography of your life. However, keep in mind, you can edit who can see any particular event on your timeline by setting the security settings on the post.

To add an event on your timeline, hover your mouse on the bar running down the middle of your timeline and click on the bar when the “+” sign appears. From here you can do several things: add a status update, photo, place, or a life event. After clicking on the “life event” tab, select what category you will be adding and add whatever content you want to include to this event. Do not forget to select the desired privacy settings!

4. Customize Your Favorites Box

Another useful feature Facebook has implemented to the timeline is the ability to show what you want on your favorites bar below your cover photo. This feature allows you to be able to further customize how your timeline appears while getting rid of private favorites like the map of where you live, deleting the map was the first favorite I tossed in the Facebook trash.

To get rid of or add favorites, click the down arrow  to reveal your favorites. When the drop down favorites bar shows, you can choose which favorites you wish to show on your timeline: likes, notes, maps, subscriptions, or groups. By default, your friends and photos will always show on your favorites bar.

5. Hiding Annoying Ads for Good!

Having the option to hide those annoying ads at the right of your side bar is the best invention since (I’m not going to say “sliced bread”), well, I do not know when. It is a damn good feature! When I discovered this option, I did not hesitate to click away at those ads. I became an ad hiding master of annoying ads. However, since you are hiding an ad from your page, Facebook wants to know why you would perform such a travesty! After a few clicks, those ads are gone for good or hidden from view.

Now, onto the excitement! Get your mouse ready. Once you notice an ad you no longer want to be displayed on your page, hover your mouse over the ad and click the “x” at the top right corner. From here, you can either hide or hide all from the developer. After you click your option, Facebook will ask why you do not like the ads. Usually, I click “uninterested” and move on, but Facebook wants to gather statistical data to better provide you with more “quality” ads.

Although the media is orchestrating a field day with how Facebook’s Timeline feature can ruin your social identity, there is a positive side to using this tool for your personal profile. Being a part of something new is exciting and can spark creativity of how we want our timeline displayed for all of the online curious viewers. As always, knowing how to use this tool to keep unwanted parts of our timeline from being seen is up to us of course. Overall, despite some of the negative publicity this timeline is receiving from people who hate change, it is a new step to having an online biography of our life and those involved – it is up to us to be the moderators of this biography.

Now Get Started on editing your Timeline!

Stay tuned for updates for the new Timeline for pages!


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