5k Color Run Sweeps the Nation


Okay, we got that out of our systems. That’s right folks, the 5k Color Run is taking the nation by storm and the events are selling out immediately when registration opens. Got you wondering now, right?

“Pfft, Mr. Bragger, why would so many people want to go running?” Just hold on my eager friend! Just keep reading the article and find out. What, you think I want to tell you straight from the beginning? Come on, you know me better than that – suspense! 

What inspired us to write this story about the Color Run was because of three mothers who participated in the event. We got wind of the 5k run and immediately said, “No, we are not huffing and puffing three miles up hill both ways, armed with a Capri-Sun, and mandatory flip-flops. Count us out, we’ll text you from the couch.” Off the mothers went, to run three miles through the Las Vegas downtown area at 9 a.m. sharp!

As time went by, while the three mothers were running the Color Run, we managed to finish our third bowl of cereal, two Hot Pockets (yes, Hot Pockets are part of the breakfast food group), and a gallon of chocolate milk, when we got the text from one of the mothers, “we finished!” Pieces of ham and cheese went flying as we read the great news of the mothers completing the 5k run in just under 45 minutes! How can a 5k run be this exciting tho? Well, the Color Run has a secret ingredient – Color.  A LOT OF COLOR!

The Color Run prides themselves in delivering pure excitement and togetherness when people take part in their event that is traveling 20 major cities. Participants are required to wear a white t-shirt at the starting line (some people have been seen wearing costumes), with pants or shorts, running shoes, and prepare to get doused with colors at each 1k mark of the 5k run. Don’t worry, the color is purely safe – Color Run employees have even tasted the color, and well, they didn’t like it. However, the powder is said to leave a “chalky aftertaste” and is high in calories. Along the path of the Color Run, there is no escaping because no matter which way you bob and weave, you’re still going to get hit with color – no cloaking device can keep you safe because these guys are pros. After you cross the finish line you’re confronted with people who are absolutely enjoying themselves and are eager for the next time the Color Run makes its way back to Las Vegas. Wait, the fun doesn’t stop there. The Color Run continues the excitement by having everyone from the run gather around each other, everyone is given a bag of color, then they count down and throw the color into the air – resulting in a colored cloud that rains down on the massive crowd of people.

We have to admit, we are extremely proud of those mothers who were in the Color Run. It takes pure motivation and determination to do what they did. As a result, you have iBRAGGING rights! The next time the Color Run travels to our city, we will get off the couch and participate in the 5k run. Be warned, we are coming prepared, we will have a cannon to use for the finish line to blast color across the masses!

Check out what really happens at the Color Run

Here is some more information on The Color Run


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