Nigahiga “Nice Guys” VS. Adele “Someone Like You”


Alright folks, let’s get crazy and have an all out brawl, toe to toe action of two music artists who are the polar opposite of one another and see who comes out on top with the least amount of scratches, bruises, and ripped clothes!

We have you salivating at the mouth now, we can tell. You’re scrolling down frantically on your smart phone but it won’t go down fast enough, or your browser froze up and you’re forced to read further! Okay, okay, we will tell you.

Performer One: Nigahiga – YouTube Sensation Performing “Nice Guys”

Performer Two: Adele – Double Platinum iTunes Artist Performing “Someone Like You”

Yes, you read it correctly. We put a YouTube sensation with a fan base of 5 million subscribers against a contracted international music artist. We know it isn’t fair… we don’t care. Now for the fun part: it is up to you, the viewers, who will decide who deserves iBRAGGING rights and can move up to the category of “Bragging Rights” on this website.

In order to vote, please go to our iBRAGGING Facebook page and answer the poll of who you think should deserve iBRAGGING rights. If you want to include the reason you chose one over the other, that would be awesome! We love the feedback for your reasoning!


If you or anyone know someone or something you want to brag about:

  • Product or a comparison
  • Music of your own or something already out in the market
  • New website
  • Someone or something that you think is completely worthy of bragging about

E-mail to submit what you want to see on the next post of iBRAGGING’s blog!


One thought on “Nigahiga “Nice Guys” VS. Adele “Someone Like You”

  1. Okay…Nigahiga was fun, has a decent voice and tonal quality…and there’s a decades-old message in there. So many, many guys have thought and lived those sentiments.
    But, by sheer soaring vocal talent Adele knocks it out of the ballpark. Every note pure, clear, and full of the emotion of the lyric – which is relatable on both sides of the gender aisle.

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