YouTube Master and Millionare? Ray William Johnson of Equals Three

Ever heard of YouTube? Ever heard of Ray William Johnson? Well, 5.1 million of his YouTube subscribers have heard of him and religiously watch his videos on his YouTube channel, Equals Three, and share them on a variety of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, and he shares bucket loads of cash with the people who help produce his videos!

Ray took a simple idea and struck a niche gold mine. He takes past viral videos and makes a short five-minute produced video and throws in graphics, funny faces, hilarious jokes, and spiky hairs – then, SPECTO-PATRONUM, millions of views from his fans and a ton of cash from the YouTube Partnership program. He says he is not a millionaire, but come on, we all know he could make a ton of cash from the amount of views he gets per video. You have to hand it to this guy, he struck a gold mine with the video content he makes, looks like he has fun doing the videos, the women love the hair, and seems like he supports the guys in suits on Halloween – he deserves iBRAGGING rights!

Aside from his YouTube channel, Equals Three, he has his own website, Ray William Johnson, where you can view other funny content and check out the =3 merchandise he has for sale for his fans. You can also view his social network pages on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter – Ray has more followers on Twitter than the President of the United States! He stomps Barrack Obama with 759,742 more followers! Aside from his Twitter followers… he has 2,926,375 people following his Facebook page.

Next time your reading about what millionth robbery happen in your local city in the morning paper, pop out your iPad, phone, or whatever device you use, and check out his channel and have a laugh at the expense of others.


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